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The user that uses multiple platforms to upload pictures and files quickly gets annoyed because each website has its own software or way to upload a file. Moreover, some websites don’t allow multiple files to be uploaded at all. Rightload comes as a solution: it allows you to upload files to an always-growing list of supported websites. This software is based on plugins: everybody can create a new plugin allowing you to upload files to a specific website. So, if the website you want to use the software with has no plugin bundled with the software, you can look for a one allowing you to upload to that website. About the program itself, it unfortunately can't simultaneously upload multiple files: other files are queued. Please also notice you won't be able to upload files to different websites in one window: when you select the website to upload to, it applies to the whole items you added in the window. If you're willing to upload multiple files directly from Windows then you'll be happy because the software supports Windows integration. It means an option will appear in the context menu if you right click on a file or a group of files allowing you to select a plugin with only one click. If you're looking for a solution that you can bring on your USB stick, then you can download the portable version that will be executed on your USB stick without modifying the registry or files of your computer. To extend the number of supported websites by adding plugins, you'll need to manually search them on Internet or on the forums of Rightload: there is no plugin manager to make your life easier.
Bottom-line: This software is efficient and extensible with the plugins: if you're looking for a free solution, then this software should fulfill your needs.

John Static
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  • Very complete
  • Plugin to extend its compatibility
  • Windows integration
  • Portable version


  • No plugin manager
  • Can't upload multiple files at a time
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